Billionaire Playboy, 91, Worksout Daily Before Wedding With Beautiful 42-Year-Old Fiancee

A 91-year-old billionaire playboy, known for high-profile paid dates with Sarah Ferguson, Sophia Loren, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton, is working out daily for his VIP wedding to his 42-year-old fiancée.

Richard Lugner, 90, and his fiancee Simone “Bienchen” Reilaender, 42, pose in undated photo. The Austrian entrepreneur and millionaire is about to get married for the sixth time. (Newsflash)

Wealthy Richard Lugner who will tie the knot with fiancee Simone Reilaender, 42, at the City Hall in Vienna, Austria, is said to be engaging in intense workout routines ahead of his sixth marriage scheduled for 1st June.

The veteran playboy, who gained fame by inviting famous women including former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and supermodel Grace Jones to join him at the Vienna Opera Ball, revealed that he now lifts weights daily.

He said: “At the moment, I’m doing a lot of muscle-building exercises at Viva Mayr in Maria Woerth.”

After the weight-lifting routine, Lugner hops onto the bike for an energetic 50-minute afternoon session, said media.

He added: “In the evenings, I just fall into bed.”

His bride will be taken to the wedding in a vintage car with a motorcycle escort from the Grand Hotel am Ring to the City Hall so that Lugner does not see her in her wedding dress before the ceremony.

Richard Lugner, 89, got engaged to his girlfriend Simone Reilander, 39, on 11th October, in Vienna, Austria. (Newsflash)

This will be the billionaire’s sixth marriage after his last marriage with former Playboy model Cathy Schmitz, 34, ended in 2016.

After the civil ceremony, a celebration dinner will take place at the Palais Auersperg, with husband and wife being taken there by vintage car along with their guests.

A vegan menu will be served by the catering company ‘Motto’, which is reportedly the wish of animal rights activist and vegan Simone.

When asked if he feels nervous ahead of the ceremony, Lugner said: “I’m generally not nervous anymore. I’ve hardened up a lot now.

“Every relationship I enter into brings financial advantages for my partner. To prevent that, I would have to continue living alone, which I do not want, and that is how we found each other.”

Expressing his concern over the weather forecast for Saturday, he added: “It’s not looking good at the moment.

“The sun will shine at times, but there will also be isolated rain showers, sometimes with thunder and lightning.”

The shopping centre tycoon and Austrian entrepreneur in the construction industry got engaged to Reilaender two years ago on his 89th birthday.

The ceremony is scheduled only a few days before the wedding of his daughter Jackeline, aged 30, from his fourth marriage to Christina ‘Mausi’ Lugner, aged 58.

Lugner has said that this will “definitely be my last wedding”.

Lugner, famous for his love of glamorous women, once described former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell as “the most difficult guest of all of them.”


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