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This website is the public face of one of our next-generation editorial communities created as part of the NewsX project, a not-for-profit NGO. Each of these communities is run by an editorial team that just like in any traditional bricks and mortar newsroom has a large list of contacts. The contacts include expert commentators helping to analyse and provide feedback on developments relevant to the community, as well as influencers that are making the news and setting the agenda, and publishers that want content from this community.

If you register as a NewsXpert you will be given access to our virtual newsroom community where you can see what the editorial team are working on, and can speak to the journalist directly to pass on feedback and comments. Stories that you are involved in will go to our network of hundreds of editorial partners worldwide including major international titles like the Mail Online and Newsweek, to mention but a few. As a NewsXpert, you will also be able to submit news items for consideration as offers that will automatically appear in our virtual newsroom when accepted.

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