About Us – A NewsX Community

This website is the public face of one of our NewsX next-generation editorial communities. The NewsX project is a not-for-profit NGO. Each of these communities is centred around a virtual newsroom run by an editorial team where the content is commissioned, created, published and monetised.

The community we build includes expert commentators relevant to our community, helping to analyse and provide feedback, as well as influencers that are making the news and setting the agenda, and publishers that want content from this community.

We are about restoring credibility to the media landscape not by stand-alone brands, but through bylines because our writers stand by their work.

All content is produced with the aid of bespoke editorial tools developed carefully by an organisation that has almost 3 decades of producing news content, and all content is checked by seasoned professionals who guarantee quality with their own byline.

But above all, NewsX is about credibility, and sustainability, reducing polarisation and providing access to information on which real decisions can be made.

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