Adorable Snow Leopard Cubs Have Fun Playing In Grass

These heartwarming images show how two adorable snow leopard cubs explored their surroundings eight weeks after being born at a zoo in Austria.

Salzburg Zoo Hellbrunn said in a statement obtained by Newsflash: “First, they take only a cautious glance outside, but then curiosity quickly prevails, and the two little snow leopards embark on their first outing to the outdoor enclosure.

“And soon they realise: playing in the grass is really fun.

“Would you like to observe the now eight-week-old sisters during their explorations? You have a good chance of seeing them early in the morning.”

The images were an instant online hit, with one social media user commenting: “So cute, we must go to Salzburg soon.”

Another wrote: “Congratulations on your breeding success, and thank you for your tireless dedication to preserving the population of such wonderful animals and many others.”

Local media earlier reported that the female cubs were born on the night of 2nd April to mum Malou and dad Sayan.

Image shows the adorable snow leopard cubs at the Salzburg Zoo, in Austria, undated photo. They were born on April 2, 2023. (Salzburg Zoo/Newsflash)

They are the first big cats to be born at Salzburg Zoo Hellbrunn in four years.

Sabine Grebner, the zoo’s managing director, said shortly after the felines came into the world: “The cubs are developing splendidly, and Malou is an especially caring mother.”

The snow leopard (Panthera uncia) inhabits the mountains of central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, ranging from an elevation of about 6,000 feet in the winter to about 18,000 feet in the summer.

The species is listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species.

There are now only between 2,710 and 3,386 adult snow leopards left in their natural habitat due to poaching and illegal trade.


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