Female Cultist Flashes Her Bra As Pipe Bomb Trial Against Two Brits And Two Austrians Kicks Off

A woman from Austria standing trial along with two Brits and another countryman for hoarding deadly weapons in case of a possible Putin attack has shocked judges after she flashed her bra in the courtroom.

The 69-year-old woman from the city of Innsbruck, Tyrol State, Austria, shocked judges at the Klagenfurt District Court after she stripped down to her bra to hide her face from the media on Tuesday, 22nd August.

She and the three other defendants, including a 68-year-old British woman as the main suspect, a 68-year-old British man and homeowner, and another 29-year-old man from Graz, Austria, all pleaded not guilty to the nuclear charges.

All suspects were reportedly said to be cult followers who were preparing for a nuclear attack by Russia.

They were charged with conspiring to use “a nuclear fuel, a radioactive substance, an explosive” to create bombs.

Inside the ramshackle home in Ruden, Carinthia State, Austria, police discovered components of male lethal pipe bombs, including 1.5 kilogrammes (3.3 lbs) of TNT, 8.5 kilogrammes (18.7 lbs) of black powder, ball bearings and steel tubing.

The deadly concoction – including sulfuric acid – was enough to create nine powerful DIY bombs.

Police also found 20 detonators and a mobile phone which prosecutors believe was to be used as a trigger.

Powerful hunting rifles, military assault rifles, shotguns, handguns and boxes of ammunition, were also found at the property.

At the hearing, the main defendant claimed she was a weapons technician had legally owned the equipment. She said she had used the chemicals to repair the firearms in order to resell them later.

During her statement she told presiding judge Christian Liebhauser-Karl: “I’m not a terrorist. I have to protect my roommates, I’m not a terrorist or a bomb maker.”

She added that she used the steel balls to target rats in the house, but stopped the practice after she realised the shots had damaged the walls and furniture.

The 68-year-old woman reportedly denied that the cache of bomb-making equipment had any relation to the war in Ukraine.

However, she later revealed that she had stashed gas masks and protective suits in case of a nuclear war.

Reports claimed that she even tried to attack one of the defence attorneys mid-trial, but the incident was prevented by security staff.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old Austrian – convicted for assault in a separate case – said he had only moved in with the trio in February, but was not aware of the exact amount of weapons stored in the house.

He reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of weapon possession in reference to a ban related to his earlier conviction.

The hearing was suspended in order for the court to obtain expert opinions on the case.

A psychiatrist will reportedly be called in to evaluate the mental health of the homeowner.

The trial continues.


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