Tennis Star Thiago Wild’s Family ‘Taught Hitler About Life’

A Brazilian tennis star facing a domestic violence lawsuit told his influencer girlfriend that his family are “literally Nazis” and that his mum dislikes “gays, blacks, and Jews”.

The 2018 US Open boys’ singles winner Thiago Wild told his then-girlfriend about his family’s extreme views at the beginning of their relationship, according to media in Brazil.

Wild went on to marry influencer Thayane Lima, but their marriage came to an end after one year and eight months.

Messages exchanged between the then-couple shared by Thayane show how she asked Wild: “Your mother doesn’t like gays, blacks, and Jews, is that right?”

Screenshots show how Wild, who is currently ranked 172nd in the world in singles by the ATP, replied: “Yes.”

Wild, 23, then wrote: “My mother’s side of the family is Nazi. Literally.”

He continued: “My great-grandfather, my mother’s father’s father. He was Hitler’s predecessor. He was the one who brought him from Austria and taught him about life.”

Wild then sent Thayane, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, photos from a family album allegedly showing his relative standing next to the Fuehrer.

He wrote: “Hitler standing at attention right in front of my great-grandpa.”

Wild went on: “What can I do, it’s history. I thought if I told you tomorrow, you would leave. So, I preferred to tell you now because if you don’t want to go, I understand, haha.”

Wild’s family members have since stated that they “vehemently repudiate these comments”.

Other messages sent to Thayane allegedly show how Wild criticised her clothes, photos, and behaviour; called her a slut; and mentioned “poor and f*cked black women”.

Wild has since said in a statement: “Regarding some articles and posts that have been published about me throughout this week, I want to clarify that the ongoing legal proceedings in Brazil, as well as a criminal procedure in which I appear as a victim, are under seal of the court. This means that I cannot make statements, comments, or disclose conversations, which should also apply to the other party, according to the injunction issued on 16 September, 2021, by the Judiciary of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

“But above all, I want to remind and emphasise that there has been no judgment, so I cannot be considered guilty.

“I have not yet received the summons issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rio de Janeiro since I no longer have a fixed residence in Brazil. I have spent the last few months training in Argentina or competing in other countries. The same applies to the other party, who has not been summoned either because they do not reside in Brazil. Nevertheless, my lawyers have already notified the court of my parents’ address in Parana.

“At this moment, I am fully focused on my career, back to my best level of play, and confident that my innocence will be proven in due time.”

Wild crashed out of the ongoing French Open to world No. 33 Yoshihito Nishioka, 27, of Japan in five sets on 3rd June.


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