I Dream Of Freedom Says Pervert

Incest monster Josef Fritzl has told how he dreams of being free one day despite the life sentence he is serving for his sickening crimes.

Josef Fritzl during a four-week-holiday in Pataya, Thailand, Jan 1, 1998, to Feb 3, 1998. Despite being without any of his family members, he bought children’s clothes and lingerie. (Newsflash)

Fiend Fritzl shared his sick thoughts with a lawyer he wrote a book with, based on a series of letters from prison.

In the rambling rants now made public, the pervert says he knows some people want to see him die behind bars.

He also tells of his bizarre backing for King Charles and climate change activists.

Fritzl’s latest bid for freedom was dashed when Austrian High Court judges blocked his parole appeal.

He was jailed after a court heard how he kept his daughter Elisabeth locked in the cellar of the family home in Amstetten in Lower Austria State as his sex slave.

The fiend kept her imprisoned for 24 years, fathering seven children with her.

Fritzl – who is jailed at Stein Prison in Krems an der Donau, Lower Austria State – has sent several handwritten letters to renowned Vienna lawyer Astrid Wagner.

Josef Fritzl during a four-week-holiday in Pataya, Thailand, Jan 1, 1998, to Feb 3, 1998. Despite being without any of his family members, he bought children’s clothes and lingerie. (Newsflash)

Now details of the 87-year-old’s latest batch of letters have emerged.

Viennese newspaper Heute reports that Fritzl – who now has to use a rollator trolley to walk- wrote: “I do understand people who want me to die in jail.

“But I want to experience freedom one day. I’ve never been afraid of dying.”

Fritzl – who deplores his wife’s decision to cut all ties with him – tried to stick to fruit juices in prison to keep healthy, reports the newspaper.

But Fritzl – who changed his name to Mayrhoff six years ago – admits he just cannot resist his craving for cakes and puddings.

Heute reports that Fritzl enjoys tucking into Guglhupf cake – a typical Austrian teatime treat – at his prison home 80 kilometres (50 miles) west of Vienna.

Fritzl told his lawyer that he went vegetarian after realising one of the prisoner cooks – only identified as Alfred U. – is serving life for butchering a prostitute.

The house where Elisabeth Fritzl was held captive for 24 years. (Newsflash)

The convict dumped some body parts into Lake Neusiedl at the Austrian-Hungarian border before cooking goulash for himself using other parts of her body.

Fritzl told Wagner: “I don’t eat any meat in the canteen. But the Guglhupf cake is delicious.”

According to Austrian media, the 87-year-old also told Wagner that, after watching King Charles’s coronation on TV he decided he is a “pleasant person”.

Fritzl reportedly jokingly described himself as a monarchist in the same letter.

He also expressed sympathy for the Last Generation climate activists.

He told Wagner: “I understand those climate campaigners who glue themselves on roads. Everything is going to the dogs these days. You’ve got to take action.”

Earlier this year, the Viennese lawyer published a book called ‘The Abysses of Josef F.’ which she co-wrote with Fritzl.

Reflecting on how the project started, Wagner told Austrian media: “Josef Fritzl sent me a letter from his cell. In it, he wrote that he had written his autobiography.

Image shows the house of Josef Fritzl, aged 87, in the town of Amstetten, Lower Austria State, Austria, undated photo. He is currently serving his sentence at the Stein Prison, in the town of Krems an der Donau, Austria. (Newsflash)

“He needed help with the publication but also legal assistance. I consented.

“He then sent me the manuscript and I edited it. I’ve been his lawyer ever since.”

Wagner added: “He is polite and very charming.

“Josef Fritzl is only human, not a beast. He is a man who has not mastered his inner demons.”

The lawyer and author said: “He not only lived a double life but a quadruple life in fact.”

She went on to call Fritzl a “master of suppression” and claimed that his “tragic childhood” would have had an impact on his actions.

Fritzl claims in the publication: “Actually, I’m a decent person.”

Josef Fritzl at Sankt Poelten Prison. (Newsflash)

He also boasts about several illegitimate children abroad and the “hundreds of love letters” he has received.

Fritzl reportedly avoids walking in the jail yard “because there are a few prisoners just waiting to be able to beat me up.”

In June 2022, a court ruled that Fritzl must stay in the high-security prison after judges reversed plans to move him to a softer jail.

Austria’s Higher Regional Court (OLG) in Vienna reversed a decision taken in April 2022 that would have seen Fritzl being moved to a regular prison.

Instead, the 87-year-old – who allegedly suffers from dementia – will serve more time in the high-security prison for mentally ill criminals.

The Krems regional court confirmed the decision, saying: “The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Vienna has recognised the need for further accommodation in an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers.”

The correctional court responsible for Stein Prison – Austria’s most secure psychiatric jail – had decided in April 2022 to release Fritzl and move him.

Outside shots of the Sankt Poelten prison where Josef Fritzl is currently jailed. (Newsflash/Paul Plutsch)

He was due to be released into a normal prison where he could even have been eligible for early release.

But the move was blocked when the Krems public prosecutor’s office lodged a complaint, backed by senior judges in Vienna.

They stated that the decision to keep Fritzl at the high-security psychiatric prison was justified because he still suffers from a non-treatable serious mental illness.

It has now been 15 years since Fritzl’s sickening crimes came to light.

They were discovered in April 2008 after he took one of the children born to his daughter to hospital due to a life-threatening illness.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to rape, false imprisonment, manslaughter by negligence and incest in March 2009.

Of the seven children born from the repeated abuse of his daughter, three remained in captivity with their mother. However, one died shortly after birth.

Image shows Austrian lawyer Astrid Wagner, aged 59, undated photo. She co-wrote a book with Josef Fritzl, aged 87, who’s serving his sentence at the Stein Prison, in the town of Krems an der Donau, Austria. (Newsflash)

The others were brought up by Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie after he claimed they had appeared on their doorstep.

The identities of the victim and her children are now protected.

Former Amstetten mayor Herbert Katzengruber told local media: “Nobody wants to talk about it anymore. I won’t make a statement. The people are really angry.”

The town’s current mayor, Christian Haberhauer, just said: “No comment. The chapter is closed.”


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