Woman Forgets 165-Year-Old Violin Worth GBP 70K On Train

Austrian police have appealed for help in tracking down a 16-year-old violin that was forgotten in a train by its 33-year-old woman owner.

She had been reportedly travelling from Baden in Lower Austria to the Austrian capital Vienna and completely forgot the violin when she got off the train after arriving.

Image shows a violin bow by Gruenke and Sons, undated photo. A 33-year-old musician forgot her EUR 80,000 (GBP 70,461) violin on the train in the city of Vienna, Austria, on Monday, Mar. 27, 2023. (BMI/Newsflash)

In fact, she only realised she had lost it the next day when she contacted the lost property and was told that it had not been handed in.

The woman who was not named then called the police and appealed for help in trying to find the missing instrument which is worth an estimated EUR 80,000 (GBP 70,000).

The violin was reportedly made by the famous Viennese violin maker Gabriel Lemboeck (1814 – 1892) and as well as the missing violin, there were also two bows that have vanished.

These are also reportedly valuable, with one made by the master bow maker “Gruenke And Soehne”, and the other by the French bow maker “Charles Louis Bazin”. On the front of the rod end of the latter one reads the inscription: “P. SERDET A PARIS”.

Police said that the violin was easily identifiable as it had the inscription inside saying: “Gabriel Lemboeck fecit secundum Josephi Guarneri Cremonesis originale ex Nicolai Paganini Concertuosa Violina. Viennae Anno 1858. IHS.”

Police have released pictures of the missing violin and urged whoever found it to hand it in or face possible charges.


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