Obsessed Preppers With Private Arsenal To Face Trial

A pair of British doomsday cultists found with an arsenal of explosives and more than 60 firearms are to face trial in Austria this summer.

The pair – not named in local media – were arrested with another suspect in February after a search of their remote, run-down home in Ruden, in the Austrian state of Carinthia.

Now prosecutors have revealed that formal charges have been prepared and a court date will be announced.

The stash included powerful hunting rifles, military assault rifles, shotguns, handguns and boxes of ammunition.

Police also reportedly confiscated explosives, chemicals and poisons at the apocalypse preppers’ home.

It was only discovered after one of the three called for an ambulance during a medical emergency, according to local media.

When astonished paramedics saw the arsenal they immediately called the police who arrested the three inhabitants and sealed the estate.

The male Britons – aged 67 and 69 – shared the property with a 29-year-old Austrian who is an enthusiastic conspiracy theorist, according to local media.

Austrian media report that his social media posts suggest an obsessive interest in end-of-the-world conspiracy theories.

Local news websites claim that the Austrian and his elderly British companions wanted to prepare themselves for doomsday.

The trio – unnamed by the authorities due to privacy protection laws – have been in preventive custody for more than ten weeks.

But prosecutors have now confirmed they will face charges for the possession of unregistered weapons and explosives.

Prosecutors and police say they have finished their investigation and the trial is expected to start at the Klagenfurt Regional Court imminently.

A spokesman for the Klagenfurt State Prosecution told Newsflash: “The men will be in court over the illegal possession of weapons and explosives.”

He added: “I cannot say when the trial starts. This depends on the court and the judges’ list of tasks and upcoming trials. it’s up to them to decide.”

A picture obtained by Newsflash shows some of the firearms found by investigators.

Other images depict piles of rubbish – including office chairs, rollators and plastic boxes – dumped in the garden.

The three men reportedly lived a very reclusive life and had no interest in talking to their neighbours.

But one told a news website: “They were quiet and nice folks.”

A local source told Newsflash: “The house they acquired some years ago is extremely dilapidated.

“The region is very quiet and rural, not a lot is going on there.

“Their neighbours don’t know anything about the three men. It has to be seen whether they were part of some conspiracy network or just weird hermits.

“The prosecutors will eventually shed some light on the case in court.”


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