Police Dog Sniffs Out 50kg Of Cannabis Heading For UK

A tiny police terrier dished out his own brand of wuff justice after sniffing out 50 kilogrammes of cannabis worth EUR 2.2 million heading for the UK from Austria.

Photo shows the Police service dog ‘Pitt von Taffatal’, undated. The animal sniffed around 50 kilos of cannabis at Schwechat Airport. (@LPDnoe/Newsflash)

Customs police at Vienna airport, Austria, intercepted 23 postal parcels of the drug thanks to pedigree Pitt von Taffatal and his Labrador pooch partner Pero.

During the two-month operation, investigators discovered that the packets were part of an international trafficking route operating out of Canada.

Gang members in Vienna were supposed to collect the packets, seal them in air-tight suitcases cases and then carry them to Britain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Four Malaysian and one Chinese suspects were seized and found guilty of trafficking before they were jailed by judges at Korneuburg regional court.

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Newsflash obtained a statement from the Austrian police on 21st December saying: “Criminal investigators from the narcotics group at Vienna/Schwechat Airport were able to uncover a transatlantic drug smuggling route.

“The police service dog Pitt von Taffatal and the customs service dog Pero sniffed a total of 23 shipments. Containing over 50 kilogrammes of cannabis between July 4th and September 9th, 2023.

“As a result of subsequent investigations, investigators discovered four Malaysian citizens between the ages of 34 and 59 and one Chinese citizen aged 38.”

Photo shows Police service dog ‘Pitt von Taffatal’ and customs service dog ‘Pero’, undated. The animals sniffed around 50 kilos of cannabis at Schwechat Airport. (@LPDnoe/Newsflash)

They added: “The five accused were ordered by their clients to Vienna to pick up the drug packages. Then pack them airtight in suitcases in specially rented apartments in Vienna and then travel on to Germany. England and the Netherlands to smuggle the cannabis.”

The statement went on: “With the support of the Federal Criminal Police Office, the clients succeeded in investigating a group of perpetrators of predominantly Chinese origin who operate from Canada.

“A total of 65 pieces of mail to Austria with a total weight of 220 kilogrammes and a street value of over EUR 2,200,000 were assigned to this group of perpetrators.

“The four Malaysian defendants, aged between 34 and 59, and the 38-year-old Chinese defendant were temporarily arrested with the support of the Lower Austria State Criminal Police Office and the Vienna State Criminal Police Office, some of them when they picked up the mail or immediately before the cannabis herb was transported onward.

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“The four Malaysian defendants confessed during the interviews. While the 38-year-old Chinese defendant did not confess.

“All five accused were taken to the local prison by order of the Korneuburg public prosecutor’s office. And have since been sentenced to several years in prison by the Korneuburg regional court.”

Social media users saw the funny side of the doggy detectives. With user ‘jibbitline’ saying: “So tiny and cute. But what a traitor he is.”

And ‘tomagan’ admitted: “The only kind of occasion when I hate dogs.”

‘maxsch’ added: “I thought we were friends!”

‘yaanweiss’ argued: “50 kilogrammes? I would have detected that too.”

And ‘juan_son_1210’ just said: “Snitch.”


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