Drunk Brit Breaks Into Wrong Ski Hotel Room

A British ski fan so drunk he broke into the wrong room in the wrong hotel at an Alpine winter sports resort and left his pants on the balcony has been quizzed by police in Austria.

Baffled hotel owners in Zell am See found a pile of wet underwear and socks and one window smashed and another forced open the next morning but no sign of an intruder.

Police, reports local media, followed a trail of clues that led to another hotel where the now severely hungover 37-year-old Brit had eventually found his way to his own room.

Illustrative image shows the view over Lake Zell, undated. Its name comes from the city of Zell am See in Austria. (Newsflash)

An 18th February statement from Salzburg State Police obtained by Newsflash said. “Officers were called to a presumed break-in at an accommodation facility in Zell am See this morning.”

They added: “One window of the hotel room was forcefully opened while another one was smashed.

Three Brits Injured In Skiing Crashes In Austria

“Right next to the windows, wet underwear and socks were lying on the floor.”

Officers, reports local media, began a bizarre Cinderella-style hotel-to-hotel search to find the owner of the pants.

Salzburg Police said: “The investigations eventually focused on a 37-year-old British skiing holidaymaker who stayed in another hotel.

“He told officers that he could not remember anything about what happened that night due to his heavy drinking.”

Police believe the Brit, who has not been named due to strict Austrian privacy regulations. Mistook the room for his own after stripping off for a dip in the spa pool.

Local police said: “He told our officers that he had woken up naked in his hotel room at 5am in the morning.

“It became evident that the soaking wet clothing was his.”

They added: “He apparently plunged or jumped into the exterior pool of the other hotel’s spa.”

Soft-hearted police decided not to charge the holidaymaker with criminal damage but ordered him to pay the hotel compensation for their damaged windows.


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